Commerce Packing Slip

I just released a new module for Drupal Commerce called Commerce Packing Slip

It's provides a new order view with a print stylesheet. The view displays product thumbnails and removes the order history so that it's clean and typically fits on one page.

This is my second module released on and that's pretty awesome! I hope other people find it helpful.

Drupal Module: Node Notes

I recently published a new Drupal module called "Node Notes" on I'm pretty excited about it because it's the first module I've contributed to the Drupal community and, hopefully, there will be more to come.

I first built the module for a client and I thought that it might be useful for other developers to use on their sites as well.

It allows users to create notes on a page that can be viewed by other staff, or any role you assign permissions to.

Three Dog Night - Joy To The World

Nowadays, I think most people know this song because of Forest Gump. But we had a Three Dog Night "greatest hits" tape when I was a kid and I freaking loved bah bah BAH JEREMIAH WAS A BULLFROG!!!bah bah BAH... It was my favorite.

I've dug up some of my favorite songs from that tape for you.

Tally Hall - Ruler of Everything

My friend, Adam Little, told me about this weird "bannana man" video on youtube back in 2008ish. I thought that video was awesome. Not the sentiment of all viewers, but what can you do?

Turned out, Tall Hall was a real band making real songs other than about bananas. All of their videos are super creative and interesting.

I've included one of my favorite videos as well some of my favorite songs from their lengthily titled album "Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum".

DIY A/B Split Testing Using PHP and MYSQL

I was recently working on a landing page for a client that prompted visitors to fill out a quick survey. The page looked pretty nice and invited visitors to click a button that launched the survey inside of a modal box. That seemed good enough, but the next day, I couldn't get the idea out of my head to just embed the survey right on the page without the need for another click or the need to scroll inside of the modal box. After consulting with my art director. It was obvious that the modal box method was more aesthetic, but...

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